English for Air Traffic Controllers - IE0704061

Level B: Low/High, CEFR Level B2

  • 12 meses
Objetivos :

  • Can communicate effectively in voice-only (telephone/radiotelephone) and in face-to-face situations
  • Can communicate on common, concrete and work-related topics with accuracy and clarity
  • Can use appropriate communicative strategies to exchange messages and to recognize and resolve misunderstandings (e.g., to check, confirm or clarify information) in a general or work-related context
  • Can handle successfully and with relative ease the linguistic challenges presented by a complication or unexpected turn of events that occurs within the context of a routine work situation or communicative task with which they are otherwise familiar
  • Can use a dialect or accent which is intelligible to the aeronautical community


Titulación :

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Perfil del alumno :

Se requiere un nivel B1 en inglés según el MCER

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